About Us

In 2014, educational publishing professional Joe Selby envisioned a self-guided educational game called Learning Labyrinth, a literal maze of story-driven learning games. In 2020, Joe met Nashmia Riaz, an artist and game developer. The two shared a love of video games and cats. Nash’s artistic style added that extra dash of magic to Joe’s imagination. He transformed the Labyrinth into Purramid Learning. The Purramid leverages small, discrete games to allow learners of all levels to find their way forward in the subjects that interest them the most.

Founder and Game Designer

Joseph Selby, MS Instructional Design & Technology

A 20-year veteran of K-16 educational publishing, Joe has experience building the forefront of educational technology. He specializes in interactive instruction, simulations, and adaptive assessment. He brings his leadership and vision to Purramid Learning. He ensures that each game is a fun experience that also teaches and is not more school to slog through after hours.


Joe has four cats: Jitterbug, Wolfgang, Hocus, and Pocus.

Lead Game Developer

Nashmia Riaz, MS Computer Games Technology

Nash is a seasoned Unity developer and graphic designer. She’s a popular Twitch streamer and hosts a thriving Discord community of like-minded nerds (including Joe and Kim). This is her first foray into educational gaming. She brings her heart and her team-focused attitude to Purramid Learning. She ensures that each game is technologically sound and fun to play.


Nash has two cats: Marty and Gingie

Pedagogy Lead

Maggie McGinty, MEd Mathematics

A 20-year veteran of Massachusetts public schools, Maggie has experience teaching every band of math instruction. For the past nine years, she also acted as the math director for her district. She brings her excellence, expertise, and enthusiasm to Purramid Learning. She ensures that each game is pedagogically sound and instructionally rigorous.


Maggie has a dog (we forgive her): Cisco

Graphic Designer

Kimberly Hodge, BFA Graphic Design

Kim is an accomplished graphic designer. You’ll find her art on numerous Twitch channels and websites. She also has her own Twitch stream and hosts a robust Discord community. She’s an advocate of games, art, and social justice. She brings her creativity and whimsy to Purramid Learning. She ensures that Catnip Creek isn’t just a name, but an enchanting setting players will want to explore.


Kim has two cats (including a foster!): Meko and Milo

We’re a small, self-funding start-up. We are currently not able to hire full-time staff. We will be looking for contractors in the below areas, and someday hope to be able to make those positions permanent.

  • Unity developer
  • Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack engineers
  • Pedagogy experts (sciences, literacy)
  • Marketing/Social media manager
  • Sales manager

If you’d like to pass along your resume for future consideration, feel free to email us. We are aware of the seismic shift of teachers leaving the classroom. We wish we could support as many of you as we could, but being self-funding, our growth is very slow.