Purramid Learning Logo

Hello! I am Dr. Serenity von Meatball. I created The Purramid for the kittens of Catnip Creek to play and learn. Your children are welcome to join in. The educational games here are interactive and adaptive. Players use their smartphones, tablets, or touch-screens to engage in mini-adventures with their favorite kittens. The games are built on subject skill fundamentals, reinforcing what the kids learn at school. Difficulty aligns with grade level and proficiency standards, but The Purramid focuses on growth. Anyone can play at any level and progress as far as they are able. Our most important win condition is that players have fun. Enjoyment leads to engagement, and engagement leads to comprehension. The Purramid is free for all to play and learn. Welcome to Catnip Creek.

Fun and Games, Not Homework

The intent of The Purramid games is not to add more schooling to a student’s day. We value the instruction teachers provide. They know their kids better than we ever could. What we’re creating here is games children will want to play because games are fun! Nothing says they can’t learn while they’re having fun. That’s the niche we want to fill.

Experience with Educational Games

Purramid Learning’s founder and game designer has 20 years of experience building interactive content in the educational market. Our pedagogy lead has 20 years of classroom experience, including as department head. They ensure we do not undermine learning fundamentals while creating game mechanics.